The people behind TTWR

Robbie Jadowski

I’m currently a student at Wolverhampton University, studying Creative & Professional Writing and Media & Communication. I’m here to just write about what I enjoy, and hopefully inform or entertain others in the process. I love my music, my games and movies, you know, like everyone else on the internet. I’m not going to point out anything unique about myself since there really isn’t much to go on so all in all I just hope you read and enjoy what I post. I figured I’d just list a few of the things I’m interested in so everyone gets an idea as to what I like. My favourite band is Brand New. I love just about any movie with Daniel Day-Lewis in. I support Arsenal. Dexter, Scrubs and The Walking Dead are great. John Keats writes the best poetry, and a bunch of other stuff about myself that you probably don’t want or need to know. Just read the blog!

Luke Bartlett


Sup y’all, I’m a student at Wolverhampton University who studies Creative and Professional Writing and Media & Communications. In my spare time I like to bump records, shred some tapes on my walkman, and generally chill. I make some of my own music too – I like to keep things mellow, and so you can all go check it out at http://www.spooksband.bandcamp.com

This blog is written and run by Robbie Jadowski and Luke Bartlett, if you wish to contact either one of us, please use one the following:-

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