Spotlight – Echo Hill


Echo Hill

Long Island plays host to a number of artists, big and small, and the influence of this rich music scene is shown in Echo Hill’s songs. Energetic, tight and catchy are words that come to mind here. Echo Hill’s EP ‘Namaste’ demonstrates these qualities throughout its four tracks, with each song possessing a unique sound whilst maintaining consistency.

Comprising of four members; vocalist Monique Teichert, drummer Keith Miller, guitarist Alex Laudani and basssist Dylan Coates, each member show an understanding of what they have to do in order to craft a song. Eclectic and swinging guitar riffs paint most of the songs on ‘Namaste’, ranging from dark to pop-driven sounds that separate each song from another.

Teichert’s voice displays a maturity and confidence that will probably catch the listeners attention, too often are there female fronted bands whose vocalist is bubbling with hyperactivity and swooning and crooning with each word. Teichert doesn’t push herself too far, and as a result, strengthens the rock roots that the band possess.

Title track ‘Namaste’ is a prime example of the brand of rock music that Echo Hill play. A gritty guitar transitions into a chorus that contains elements of grunge, with a whole lot of attitude evident in Teichert’s words. Throughout the track, rolling drums are littered between the distorted guitar and humming bass-line.
If you like what you hear in this song, I expect Echo Hill will be right down your alley. You can visit their website here to find more information on the band and their music.

– Robbie Jadowski


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