Feature: Ego Honey – Summer

Ego Honey

Ego Honey

Having already made some noise in and around the Birmingham area, with gigs in the likes of the Sunflower Lounge, and more importantly, Pretty Green – Five man Ego Honey are onto kicking up another bit of fuss with latest hit Summer.

The track opens with a naughty little guitar riff, one you wouldn’t think of as misplaced if it landed itself on the upcoming Monkeys bit– but never mind that lot, these lads have it made if similar material is to follow; and hands up, I am a believer in the Honey.

Upon catching them for their gig at one of the two Birmingham Pretty Green stores, I have to admit I was a tad skeptical – I mean, just how many bands do you hear of starting up? It’s hard to take everybody who ever tells you their starting something as serious, because lets face it there’s so many flops in and around the creative industry, that someone making it doesn’t really occur to you as a believable scenario these days.

Although I was proved wrong in rather cool fashion. Lead Vocalist Matt Clark opened up with his surprisingly soft vocal style – it’s a persuading kind of voice, one that always dances with the idea of pushing things further, but never quite leads you there. Raspy in places, but rightly so – you want to listen to what he has to say rather than concentrate on the instrumentals as if they were two entirely separate entities.

No, Five man Ego Honey work as a whole, and it shows. Summer has this flamboyancy about it, and as the title would suggest, pumps that much needed bit of light into your day – whether this be your first, second, third, or hundredth listen; doesn’t get old, probably wont.

Kick back and embrace the good vibes. And whilst your at it, give the chaps’ Facebook page a gander here.

Article: Luke Bartlett


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