Feature: The O’Pears


The O'Pears - Our Own

The O’Pears – Our Own



The album art drew me to this group. Now this is awfully shallow of me and an injunction of the whole ‘judging a book by its cover’ thing; which is why I’m confused that it paid off so handsomely. The O’Pears are the reason I like to sit at my computer at the dead hours of the morning and trawl through Bandcamp because sometimes, more often than not, you find a diamond.

The female three piece from Toronto, Canada released their debut EP, ‘Our Own’ in July of this year and is well worth the five dollar price tag. The highly eclectic EP is held together by the common thread that the voices of Meg Contini, Lydia Persaud and Jill Harris, though individually strong, harmonise beautifully throughout. Each track in the EP covers different genres of folk and jazz resulting a small body of songs that offer a lot of diversity.

The first (and my favourite) song ‘Golden boy’ is the rawest track on the EP simply consisting of deep, pulsing baseline that compliments the trio’s voices; the perfect chill out song with just enough rise and fall in the melody to stop the sound becoming stale. The next song ‘Have a heart’ is the one most reminiscent of Irish folk and the vocal control here reaches new highs with the chilling opening line, ‘As far as the eye can see, nothing more no less, I’m blind to all above below, to east or west.’ For the last song on the EP entitled ‘Dinah’ the tempo switches completely to an opening instrumental that screams bluegrass music and snaps you out of the atmospheric melancholy of the previous tracks. Fans of Big Star’s classic folk song ‘Thirteen’ will be happy to know that the cover on this EP is brilliant and if you’ve never heard it before this is a good place to start.

For a small price this EP offers a lot, diverse songs, shockingly good vocals and a welcome addition to an unfortunately small folder of folk artists in (at least my) music library. The largest problem I found was that any attempt to sing along with the vocals in this EP generally ends in complete failure and the uproar of neighbourhood cats… though that’s probably just me. Take a look at the O’Pears perform ‘Golden Boy’ complete with complimentary arm swaying and mood setting candles.


And check them out here at:




Article: Ross Foster 


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