Feature: Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars - John Wayne

Little Green Cars – John Wayne

‘When I asked you your name

you said John Wayne and I guess it’s true

Cus then you shot me down’

Taken from the appropriately titled single John Wayne, here Little Green Cars show what they do best which is create a story that you can lose yourself in. When you combine this with the pitchy, haunting voice of front man Stevie Appleby and contrastingly upbeat rhythms the band produce, it makes Little Green Cars a welcome addition to any playlist.

The five-piece from Dublin charmed American audiences throughout 2012 with their unique mix of cappella-like stylings and high tempo lead guitar. In all honesty it’s hard to describe this band by picking up on their sound because so far their songs have been so unique. The release of John Wayne back in September last year was their debut track and features a progressive drum beat with piercing vocals. By comparison the EP Harper Le’ which was released earlier this year features the song Red, which is just the raw sound of the bands five voices harmonising and lacks an instrumental entirely. This creates an eerie and beautiful resemblance to Irish folk songs or hymns.

The unique thing about Little Green Cars is that, vocally, the entire band contributes. The group have strong leads in Stevie Appleby and Faye O’Rourke which is demonstrated on the B-side track of their debut single entitled the witching hour. The chorus: ‘And I thought I was getting old, so I dug me a hole and built a cross.’ Shows just how well their voices complement each other.

Having recently discovered this band I can honestly say that the late august release of their debut album Absolute zero is something that I’ve marked on my calendar; the purchasing of which I have filed under ‘guilt free spending.’

Check out their haunting track Red here to see what I’m talking about: 

You can also check them out here:



 Article – Ross Foster   


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