Review: The Rainbow Body – Return Unto Void

The Rainbow Body – Return Unto Void


Life as we know it is one big looping sphere – forever grinding round in it’s same predictable, lack-luster manor. We wake, we drink, we eat, we sleep – and so the pattern continues.
Matthew Kattman, who goes under moniker ‘The Rainbow Body’, portrays the undeniable relentlessness the system spews out for us in his EP ‘Return Unto Void’. The 8-track assembly consists of nebulous guitar loops, which engulf the listening audience in a world of shady scenarios and outer world experiences.

The first track off the EP is ‘Void 1’ – wavering guitar lines fill up the atmosphere, dancing around with an added sprinkled dust of regret and self-pity.
The 2 minute and 44 second noise experimentation speaks of an everlasting daytime nightmare, and parades for us all to witness, the incurious and misguided, lost and warped beings we have allowed ourselves to become. It is a display of hopelessness, defeat and conformism – the onward motion of the one-step forwards two steps backward theory.

On the other end of the spectrum lays last track ‘Void 8’. It triggers a sense of redemption and makes for a very fulfilling sound – one that radiates freeing vibes and allows the listener to succumb to the carefree ways of an untied prisoner. It is the sound of a second chance –and when all seems lost in the whirlwinds of time, this Void proves there is still a twinkling of undying hope bedded beneath a tiny rock somewhere, or floating along painlessly, riding the beams of the white-hot sun as they burst through minute cracks in the sinking, sleeping trees of the swamp.

‘Return Unto Void’ takes its listening audience on a budding quest. – Away from the conventionalities of our day-to-day lives, stripping us of our complacencies but more importantly making us aware of their very existence. It is everything we have ever needed to change, and Matthew Kattman manages to compile 8 voids in which this place we call home no longer begins to fit that description.

A truly invigorating collection of unforgettable experiences. Get the EP on Cassette Tape here…


Text&Photo – Luke Bartlett


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