Album Review: SPLASHH – Comfort

SPLASHH - Comfort

SPLASHH – Comfort

The very first thing I noticed about SPLASHH was their transporting sound. Outlandish guitars that floated alongside the indefinite vacant fizzle of lead singer Sasha Carlson’s voice. It was enough to have me dependent. Dependent on their noise, dependent on their groove, dependent on the fact i’d be able to get my hands on a physical copy of their music.

The four-piece impressively hail from all over the globe – two members from New Zealand, one from Australia and the other from sunny old Wolverhampton in the UK. They share similarities to the likes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra – who have picked up the band for a European tour these last couple of months. I managed to catch them In Birmingham’s Temple Rooms, which proved to be a very mind-changing, eye opening experience.

Comfort is SPLASHH’s debut album, and it has already landed them in the middle of a musical storm, sparking up interest from the likes of NME and the BBC.

Since they can be seen citing such bands as the Pixies and New Order as influential, the way in which they initially gripped me doesn’t strike me as something of a surprise. Track number 4 from the album – ‘Vacation’ – bubbles throughout, the starting bass line proving very similar to that of New Orders ‘Age of Consent’ from the championed Power, Corruption and Lies.

Then comes a side to SPLASHH that offers that much needed twist on things. Tracks ‘So Young’ and ‘Washed Up’ parade the bands darker, edgier, pop-punk side – the sharper end of the package.

The record as a whole has this acidic undercurrent, which provokes the listener into a heavily induced snug-like coma, allowing the space for sporadic thought, and the rare chime of fearless creativity to begin softly jingling beneath the surface of consciousness.

Heavy for when you need heavy, but beneath the fearsome fuzz and stabs of passion lies the discreet blanket of calm we as listeners so often crave. Comfort is so appropriately named its like walking into a store and actually sticking to your shopping list – no bullshit – its in, its out – its what it says on the label.

This nine track throws its audience into a barbed wire wrapped cloud, and leaves them to their own devices. At times loud, at times still, it’s the nearest to a hush-heavy combo you’re gonna get. Dig it, live it, breathe it, be ready. This album officially drops in UK stores September 2nd, and the US on June 4th.

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– Article&Photo – Luke


3 thoughts on “Album Review: SPLASHH – Comfort

  1. So, I got my hands on the album just a tad early and it’s easily my favorite album so far this year. I loved Yuck’s revival groove and these guys just take it to a whole new direction. Can’t wait for a proper US tour because I’ve read that they’re tight live.

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